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Frameless kitchen cabinets

Frameless kitchen cabinets

General Construction

Cabinets are frameless “European style” design with full access and full overlay styling. All panels and rail components are joined with engineered dowels, glue, screws, or a combination of those components appropriate to the typical use of the cabinet.

All frameless cabinet boxes are made from commercial grade furniture board with laminated, water resistant (not waterproof) surfaces.

Wall Cabinet Construction Base Cabinet Construction

Box Construction:3/4 inch PB Or plywood panel. The front face of the cabinet is White edge banded with PVC. Hanging rails, stretchers, and toe kicks have a 2-dowel application.

1. End Panel: 3/4 inch PB Or Plywood with white melamine Ex& interiors. Bore and wood or Plastic dowel construction.

2. Top/Bottom Panels:3/4 inch PB Or plywood white melamine interiors.The exteriors match the door finish.

3. Back Panel:1/5 inch MDF white melamine on both sides dadoed into case construction and reinforced with glue.

4. Shelves: 3/4 inch PB Or Plywood with white laminate on both faces and white edge band on the front edge. Shelves are adjustable in All Wall, Base, and Vanity cabinets. All Shelves are full-depth shelves.

5. Toe Kick: 3/4-inch thick x 4 1/2-inch PB captured between end panels.

6. Cross Support Stretchers:3/4-inch x 4 1/2″-inch deep PB running the width of most base and vanity base cabinets, with matching edge band for front face.

Soft close hinge Metal box slide Suction shelf support
Standard doors feature 6-way adjustable, Soft Close clip-on hinges with 110 opening (except where noted). Self- closing feature with 60mm closing range.
Optional Fitting method by using with dowels.Adjustable design for front panel.
Clear PVC material,exquiste and beautiful strong suction force,thick material

Premium Slide opitions:

Full-extension ball bearing slide Soft closing riding drawer
full extension with break position, self closing, Clips against out, electro-zinc plated. Concealed full extension slide,beautiful and clean. Three linkage perfect
proportion, to ensure smooth sliding. Dynamic load at least 30KG.